Tom has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1979 and a dog owner for most years since 1956. The list of dogs: a German Shepherd from 1956 to 1973, a Beagle and nine pups, during that time; Boston Terrier from 1989 to 2003; currently his son’s Weimaraner and his daughter’s Weimaraners Precious Fraulein Madison from 2004-2017 and Precious Joyful Gabrielle.

Tom’s grandfathers both served in World War I. Years later Tom’s maternal grandfather became blind at age 30; after that he served in the Kentucky legislature with terms as senator and representative. His “talking book” rests in the Kentucky Archives as the first such equipment to assist the blind with reading the news, books, magazines, and other literature. Tom’s mother’s only sibling, William Pryse Bach, served as a Marine at Iowa Jima where he was wounded. Tom’s appreciation for the service his grandfathers and uncle provided to this country, as well as the devotion his blind grandfather gave in service to others has long led Tom to serve others wherever and whenever he can. Tom’s business, Strohmeier Tax & Accounting Partners is based on such principles, and he is proud to offer his skills, knowledge, and experience to Dogs Helping Heroes as it serves those in need.

Tom Strohmeier

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