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Curtis Ashcraft & Tipton

My name is Curtis Ashcraft and Sherrie Ashcraft is my lovely bride of 23 years. Tipton is my service dog in training at 7 months old. He comes to me from a kind breeder who donated him to me. I am a Vietnam veteran who has suffered from PTSD since I was 18 years old. I am diagnosed with PTSD, severe anxiety disorder. After serving 4 years active in the USAF I joined the Kentucky State Police Department. Several years later I transferred to the JCPD and retired from there. Since retiring my PTSD spiraled out of control until another Officer I had worked with guided me to the Veterans administration where I have been in treatment for more than 10 years. My friend also guided me to DHH after My VA Psychiatrist recommended I get a service dog.

Tipton will be trained to help me with my physical disabilities and my PTSD. Even though he is still in training he stays by my side no matter where I go. He also sleeps with me and his presence has enabled me to sleep soundly with fewer night terrors. Tipton is very smart and his training is being completed by Kat Bosley at Duffy’s Dog Training Center. She is tailoring his training specifically to my needs. Tipton gives me purpose and the ability and desire to be in social settings. This is just the beginning and I look forward to each day for a change. With the help of my wife and my best friend who is also a Hero, along with Tipton I feel like there’s hope. It has been a journey and now I have New beginnings that give me new hope.

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