Jim Day and Samson

Welcome our newest hero Jim Day and Samson. Jim and Samson are just beginning their journey together. Mr. Day is receiving his 2nd training session with Tyler at Duffy's Dog Training Center. We at Dogs Helping Heroes look forward to their journey.

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Mike Mabe receives Bronx

Veteran Mike Mabe with trainer, Tyler Ohlmann and DHH board member and Veteran at Duffys Dog Training Center. Today Mr. Mabe is receiving his first training lesson with his new service dog Bronx! Veteran Brent Casey's selfless act of gifting his service dog, Bronx to Mr. Mabe is an amazing story of one Veteran Helping another! Brothers in Arms! Brothers in Life! We look forward to watching Mr. Mabe becoming more a part of society with the use of his new service dog Bronx! Good Boy Bronx!

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A Heart Warming Story

John Wells and his DHH service dog, Johnny cash, went to the vet center today for a group meeting. John was caught in awful traffic mess on the way. Upon arriving at the vet center John had a panic attack and Cash helped mitigate John's emotional unrest by executing the "At Ease" command. Cash pawed at John then licked him in the face to help John Be At Ease! Good Boy Cash! Some time went by after that and Cash got up and went directly to a veteran sitting to John's left about 4 [...]

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Paws for the Cause

On Saturday 10/11 DHH attended the Paws for the Cause dog walk and pet fair. Dave was able to meet a lot of folks and educate them on DHH. We would like to give a special thank you to Carol Beck for inviting and including DHH as a part of the event. THANK YOU! For more information on Paws for the Cause, please see: http://www.helpinghandsforfreedom.org/events/paws-cause-dog-walk-pet-fair

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