Paws for the Cause

On Saturday 10/11 DHH attended the Paws for the Cause dog walk and pet fair. Dave was able to meet a lot of folks and educate them on DHH. We would like to give a special thank you to Carol Beck for inviting and including DHH as a part of the event. THANK YOU! For more information on Paws for the Cause, please see:

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Ellie and Olivia Update

Ellie and Olivia have had a few lessons now, and in the photos to the right you can see Ellie responding to an “at ease” command. The “at ease” command is given any time a person is experiencing an uncomfortable situation, and Ellie immediately knows to respond in a meaningful and supporting way to help ease the situation.

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The Fido Walk 5K

DHH was there to support the Southern Indiana Animal Rescue’s Koko Project, a dog rescue group. Our purpose was twofold. First, DHH wanted get out and meet the public. Secondly, DHH wanted to establish a relationship with Southern Indiana Rescue since they foster and rehabilitate dogs to get them ready for adoption. DHH feels we may be able to help each other in the future as some rescue dogs have the proper traits to become service dogs. The Fido walk, one of Southern Indiana Rescue’s fund raisers had Ozzie there, a rescue who had [...]

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