Julie & Wyatt

Wyatt and Julie had a great lesson! Wyatt, sporting one of our supporters new patch. Many Thanks to Sav-A-Step for assisting us in rescuing dogs and helping heroes! Wyatt and Julie were practicing There and Support commands! There is used to direct a service dog to lie down and stay wherever the hero needs. Support is a multifaceted command that assist in creating a tangible barrier between our hero Julie and any person that is getting to close. Support can also be used for stability and mobility needs for Hero Julie. Good Boy Wyatt! [...]

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Merry Christmas

 As we celebrate Christmas, all of us at Dogs Helping Heroes (DHH) want to take a moment and thank YOU for your support of DHH and our missions this past year.With your donations and support, we have:We Rescued Dogs in need and transformed them into service dogsWe Helped Rehabilitate Inmates in two local prisons. Some of the inmates that we helped are veterans and first respondersWe helped restore lost freedom and peace of mind to five very deserving Heroes and their familiesWithout YOU, none of this would have been possible. THANK YOU!From all of us [...]

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DHH and our Hero teams have been busy

Over the last few months Dogs Helping Heroes with the help and support of our hero teams have focused on getting the word out about our program. We have given presentations, set up booths at events, and been a part of many activities. In April our teams attended the DAV state meeting and a Veterans Luncheon. In May we were a part of the Unbridled Eve Derby Gala, Louisville City Football Club Hero night, The Waggin' Tail Event and gave a presentation at the Unitarian Church. Memorial Day weekend we participated in the Clarksville [...]

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Justin and Cleo

Meet our newest family members, Hero Justin Troxell and his battle buddy Cleo! Our Executive Director, David Benson worked on integrating service dog commands like "Support" to help Justin up from the couch and "At Ease" when Justin gets anxious due to complications from PTSD. Thank you Justin and his family for inviting us to your home to help you regain your freedom with the help of a DHH service dog. Good Girl Cleo!!

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