John Wells and his DHH service dog, Johnny cash, went to the vet center today for a group meeting. John was caught in awful traffic mess on the way. Upon arriving at the vet center John had a panic attack and Cash helped mitigate John’s emotional unrest by executing the “At Ease” command. Cash pawed at John then licked him in the face to help John Be At Ease! Good Boy Cash!

Some time went by after that and Cash got up and went directly to a veteran sitting to John’s left about 4 feet. Cash then put his head on the veterans lap for a few moments till he was acknowledged by the veteran named Jessie. It turns out Jessie is 100% PTSD disabled.

John then asked Jessie if he was ok. He said yes and John asked Cash to come back and told him “There”. Cash then laid down where John pointed under the table.

After the meeting was over John asked Jessie again if he was ok. Jessie started crying a little and said he was having a flash back from Vietnam and Cash sensed it. Cash was able to help Jessie out of his flash back very quickly. What an amazing service dog you are Cash! Good Boy!

Many Thanks to everyone for supporting Dogs Helping Heroes!

David Benson

Executive Director