We match dogs with heroes based on the abilities of the dog and the needs of the hero. While all of our service dogs help their hero partners achieve independence and freedom, each of the dogs has particular talents and skills. Likewise, each hero has different needs. This is where the matching process comes in.

A Hero’s Path

Matching Heroes With Dogs

Our injured heroes have a range of needs. Some need help with everyday tasks such as opening doors, turning on lights and retrieving dropped items. Other heroes have mobility impairments and need assistance with balance and stability, sitting, standing and walking. Those who have suffered brain injuries or psychological impairments need the aid of a service dog that can offer comfort and help in mitigating or preventing anxiety and panic attacks, waking from nightmares or alerting someone to the hero’s seizures.

At Dogs Helping Heroes, we recognize the importance of placing the right dog with the right hero. As part of this process, we watch for the bond between our dog and our hero when the two are introduced. If everything appears to be going well, we undertake customized training to ensure that the dog can effectively perform all the specific tasks required by the hero. After the dog/hero team has worked together for a while, we reevaluate the partnership to confirm that the match is successful and to assess the need for additional training.

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