Our Approach

At Dogs Helping Heroes, every stage of our process — from obtaining our dogs to placement with a hero — involves a vast network of support. While our goal is to help wounded heroes, our assistance goes well beyond that. We rescue dogs that were found abandoned or neglected, giving them a home and a purpose — basically a new lease on life. Inmates at local prisons undertake our dogs’ basic training, an arrangement that helps rehabilitate the prisoners by providing important job skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsWho is Dogs Helping Heroes?Dogs Helping Heroes (DHH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to: "help restore lost freedom and peace of mind to Kentuckiana wounded heroes and their families by providing spe...

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Dogs Helping Heroes acquires dogs from local shelters and rescue groups. We are proud to have successful working relationships with Humane Society of Oldham County, Tier Haven and Piece of My Heart Rescue. These organizations are skilled in recogn...

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Dogs Helping Heroes utilizes several programs when training service dogs for disabled / wounded heroes. To ensure successful training, we select only dogs that have those characteristics we believe will make them good service dogs. What Makes A R...

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We match dogs with heroes based on the abilities of the dog and the needs of the hero. While all of our service dogs help their hero partners achieve independence and freedom, each of the dogs has particular talents and skills. Likewise, each hero...

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Gold Star Families

Thank you for your interest in obtaining an assistant dog from Dogs Helping Heroes, Inc. (“DHH”). Among other things, DHH provides trained assistance dogs to Gold Star family members. DHH is not currently able to provide guide dogs to individuals ...

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Meet the organizations that currently help us to help our injured military veterans and first responders, as well as Gold Star families. The assistance they provide in rescuing and training our dogs makes it possible for us to help restore...

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During rescue and basic manners training, a number of dogs are singled out on the basis of certain characteristics and then sent to professional dog trainers for intense service-dog training. Upon “graduation,” the dogs are capable of performing everyday tasks for a hero, providing emotional support and help with mobility and stability, recognizing oncoming seizures, and more. Each animal is paired with a hero whose needs fit the skills of a particular dog. After private lessons with both the hero and dog, the hero is ready to begin living a more independent life.

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