Thomas and Duddy

Thomas and Duddy

A Rough Beginning

Not much is known about Duddys first year of life. Before being rescued by Adopt Me Pet rescue, he was observed to have a very active and loving temperament. He bonded with the Adopt Me rescue staff immediately, calmly allowing them to do all the vetting required before he could be placed in the Paws Behind Bars prison program for his preliminary training to help rehabilitate an inmate.

Adopt Me wanted him to be placed in a special home with a family that would cherish his intelligence and sweet personality. A local trainer was told about Duddy and how exceptional he was. He passed the trainer’s evaluation with flying colors and, to everyone’s delight, became a candidate for service work.

A Happy Ending

Duddy has a “forever home” now with a hero named Thomas. This soft-spoken, gentle man experienced the horrors of war firsthand. He is the quintessential American who built our country; he works hard, does his duty, and contributes without taking. He and his lovely family are giving Duddy the best life a dog could hope for and in return, Duddy gives Thomas love, companionship and all the assistance he needs.

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