John and Chet

John and Chet

John served in the Army with the 24th Infantry Division where he was deployed to the Middle East for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. John's duties included Recon and Security and was awarded the CIB for engaging in combat in Iraq and Kuwait.

John suffers from PTSD, Persian Gulf Syndrome, Survivors Guilt, and TBI. Chet also acts as a support dog for a recent back injury.

John married his best friend, whom he has known since the age of 8, in March 1990. They have struggled with the effects of PTSD for the bulk of their marriage. This has only made them stronger. They have one 26 year old son.

Chet is a 1 year old lab mix that was rescued by the Humane Society of Oldham County; he is a graduate of the Camp K9 program and received his advanced training at Duffy’s Dog Training Center. John and Chet were introduced the same day that Chet was placed with John and surprise was not the word to describe the look on his face.

Since then Chet has helped John by waking him at night while in bad nightmares, nudging his hand with his head to pull him out of a flashback, watching his back while in flank command, and helping him calm down from using the At Ease command.

John says these are just a few things he has done, but the trust and friendship this amazing dog has given him is more than he could ever repay.