Bill and Kiinkade

Bill and Kinkade

Meet Kinkade, a five year old lab mix. Adopt Me Bluegrass Pet Rescue saved this boy from a situation in Ohio. Kinkade ended up in the Paws Behind Bars program and completed further training at Duffy’s Dog Training Center before coming to me.

He is a very sweet and loving companion who has settled in nicely in our home. He has brought great joy to me and is given me and my wife the love, companionship and support we need as we journey together through the many paths we encounter while living with my Parkinson’s disease. My sincere thanks to Dogs Helping Heroes for including me into their family. Having Kinkade at my feet or by my side has given me the ability to accept my limitations and begin to enjoy life as best I can. His unconditional love has given a new meaning to my life.

Bill Martin

Update 2/9/19

Kinkade passed away after what his veterinarian believed to be cancer. He had been ill over the last month and was showing a steady decline in his condition. The Martin family allowed Kinkade to pass with dignity and are thankful for the service that Kinkade provided to Bill. He will be missed.