Meet Our Teams

Our service dogs have the power to change the lives of heroes and their families. Dogs Helping Heroes has placed these service dogs with injured heroes, and the results have been amazing. We’d like to share the heartwarming stories of a few of the canines that were transformed from rescue dogs into service dogs, transforming the lives of heroes.

Mike and Bronx

Bronx is a 6 year old German Shepherd Dog with an amazing story. Bronx was a rescued service dog for a Veteran, Brent Casey, who had Bronx for 3 years. Brent was able to recover enough from his PTSD, with the help of Bronx, that he felt Bronx wou...

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Jim and Samson

Samson was roughly 1 year old when he was found wondering in the woods of Oldham County. He was emaciated and in need of a good bath. Even though Samson had a rough start he was a happy, friendly furry kid that loved to be petted! Samson was re...

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Justin and Cleo

Cleo is a one and half year old Belgium Mallinois that was obtained through a breeder that could not place her as a working police dog. Cleo's sweet and friendly disposition was bred for service work! Justin and Cleo make a great team and we have ...

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Dustin & Geri

Meet one of our new Hero Teams in training Dustin and Geri Geri is a black lab/retriever mix who is approximately 2 ½ years of age. He was rescued by Adopt me Bluegrass Pet Rescue and graduated from the Paws Behind Bars program. He was spon...

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Bailey and Whiskey

Bailey is a receptionist at a small animal clinic. Her passion is working with animals and doing what she can to help other military veterans. She has a talent for understanding all walks of life and doing her best to help anyone and everyone sh...

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Julie and Wyatt

Julie was born and raised in Kentucky. She joined the Navy in 1985 and was stationed in Orlando, NAB Coronado and Pensacola. She was honorably discharged in 1992. She then worked in factories until she had a stroke in 2013. She has 5 siblings ...

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Jay and Lexie

Lexie, along with her sister Kylie, are approximately 2 years old. They were found wandering around Oldham County. The Humane Society of Oldham County rescued these 2 young ladies and then enrolled them in the KSR Camp K9 program. In September o...

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Chuck and Kylie

Kylie, along with her sister Lexie, is approximately 2 years old. They were found wandering around Oldham County. The Humane Society of Oldham County rescued these 2 young ladies and then enrolled them in the KS Camp K9 program.In October 2016 Kyl...

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Gloria and Lizzy

Lizzie was originally placed with another hero, after a few months he found that he did not need a service dog and when he chose to move out of state we placed Lizzie with Gloria. Lizzie has helped Gloria in many ways both emotionally and physica...

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Mark and Ginger

Meet Ginger. Ginger was found wandering the forests of Harrison County Indiana. Her first year of life is uncertain. Southern Indiana Animal Rescue took her in and found her a foster home. She was then introduced to the organization Dogs Helping...

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John and Cash

A Second Chance at Life Johnny Cash (“Cash”), a black lab, had been abandoned in a back yard and was living in deplorable conditions. When found by Piece of My Heart Rescue, Cash was living in a makeshift crate with no water or food in sight. Weig...

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Olivia and Ellie

Trained to Serve Ellie was a 14-month old chocolate lab when her owners could no longer take care of her. She was surrendered to the Humane Society of Oldham County, which placed Ellie in their dog-training program in the Luther Luckett prison. Da...

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Thomas and Duddy

A Rough Beginning Not much is known about Duddys first year of life. Before being rescued by Adopt Me Pet rescue, he was observed to have a very active and loving temperament. He bonded with the Adopt Me rescue staff immediately, calmly allowing t...

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Meet the organizations that currently help us to help our injured military veterans and first responders, as well as Gold Star families. The assistance they provide in rescuing and training our dogs makes it possible for us to help restore freedom and peace of mind to our Kentuckiana wounded heroes and their families. We are grateful for their partnership.

Duffy’s Dog Training Center

A premier canine training center in the

Kentuckiana area supplements the training received at the prisons with

intensive service dog training. This training takes approximately 30 days and

focuses on manners and formal commands, as well as service tasks. Tasks may

include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • · Emotional support for heroes
  • · Stability as a prosthetic
  • · Mobility assistance
  • · Retrieving dropped items
  • · Seizure alert
  • · Emotional support for families of a lost hero

Piece of My Heart Rescue

Since 2010,

the owner of Piece of My Heart has been rescuing, grooming, training and living

with her dogs. She assesses their temperament and behavior, personality and

habits. Piece of My Heart Rescue not only finds dogs, but also recognizes their

potential as service dogs. We obtained our dog, Cash, through this

organization. Cash underwent basic training at the Luther Luckett Correctional

Complex before being sent to a professional dog training facility for service

dog training.

Paws Behind Bars

The "Paws Behind Bars" program at

Luther Luckett Correction Complex, a medium-security state prison located near

La Grange, Kentucky in Oldham County; places homeless shelter dogs with

carefully selected inmates for obedience, socialization and service dog

training. During the training program, the dogs learn basic manners, while the

prisoners learn job skills and the importance of being dependable, responsible

team players.

Git-R-Done Foundation

The Git-R-Done

Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by Larry the Cable

Guy and his wife, Cara, as a focal point for the family’s philanthropy in 2009.

The foundation’s mission is highly dedicated to helping children and veterans,

one cause at a time, through organizations supporting our focus areas. The

Git-R-Done Foundation has made numerous donations, including donations to the

Arnold Palmer Foundation for the treatment and cure of hip dysplasia, Madonna

Rehabilitation Hospital and Operation Homefront. For information or to donate,


The Humane Society of

Oldham County

The Humane Society of Oldham

County, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in LaGrange, Kentucky has

been training rescued and shelter dogs through their prison dog training

program since 2009. KSR Camp K9, located at the Kentucky State Reformatory, matches

homeless dogs with specially selected inmate handlers to train these dogs in

basic manners, basic obedience commands, service dog training, and a few tricks

for just plain fun. These dogs go on to be adopted family companion dogs or

service dogs providing assistance to veterans and first responders. The Humane

Society of Oldham County is a no-kill organization, helping animals and

community since 1986. For more information or to donate, visit

Friends & Neighbors

$300,000 in-kind initiative

to support and publicize community organizations and agencies committed to the

betterment of Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana. Friends & Neighbors

pledges in-kind support in monthly increments to nominated organizations in the

form of radio commercials, online presence, and employee volunteering.

How do non-profit

organizations get chosen?

Anyone can nominate an

organization they find deserving and see who has been honored so far when you

log onto Beneficiaries are chosen by an internal

committee at SummitMedia.

Park Community Federal

Credit Union

What is Parkcommunitygives?


celebration of our 50th Anniversary, we are paying forward our success by

partnering with charities in the community. For one full year, Park

Community’s staff and members will come together for one common purpose:

giving back.


our regional markets, we will select a number of charitable organizations to

help us give back. Whether it’s a contribution, a collection, or simply

random acts of kindness—Park Community is driven to give back on a whole new

level. Join us in our efforts by helping spread the word and getting involved.

If you have a charity you’re passionate about, contact us at We’re looking to partner with local charities that deserve to be recognized for their efforts in helping others succeed.